The concept of Rothschild Studio came about as owner, Sandra Rothschild McCabe, noticed there was a need in the industry for personal attention and time soley dedicated to clients. She envisioned a salon experience with a fresh take on hair and makeup where the client is personally attended to from the moment they are greeted to the time they complete their service.  The stylists expertise, eyes, hands, and mind are the clients for the time they are booked. This is a formula for success and the best possible salon experience.

​Rothschild Studio is the newest concept in the salon industry.  Pioneered by the vision of Sandra Rothschild McCabe, the salon offers a fresh take on hair and makeup. They believe in not only beautifying their clients but also offering a community and retreat to each and every person who walks through the doors. Sandra's mission is to uplift women, particularly moms like herself, by helping to guide them to be their best selves. 




~ A fresh take on hair and makeup




11 Waterloo Avenue

Berwyn, PA 19312